Why do you need it?
Advanced technology: Use TSNS stimulation wave to help patients get a good sleep.
The latest sleep massager, the sleeper mainly helps people with insufficient sleep and poor psychological quality, and helps you fall asleep as soon as possible. At the same time, it has the functions of relieving migraine, anxiety and depression, and it is small but powerful.
15 minutes a day can be used for rest, walking, home and other occasions to relieve headaches and get rid of insomnia, anxiety, anxiety, sleep difficulties, depression and insomnia.

Steps for usage:
Step 1: Take out the electrode sheet, buckle the electrode sheet into the main button of the instrument, and then peel off the protective film of the electrode sheet. (Properly store the protective film)
Step 2: Wet your forehead with water (very important). After wearing, the edge of the product should be flush with the eyebrows.
Step 3: Put the product in the correct position to effectively massage the acupoints. The efficacy of the product depends on where it is worn.
Step 4: At this time, we can choose the required mode and intensity according to our needs.
Step 5: After use, remove the instrument and paste the protective film on the electrode plate in a cool and dry place.
Please note that the electrodes are consumables. As the use time increases, the efficacy gradually decreases. Please replace it in time.

-Patients with heart disease, patients with severe pain, pregnant women, people with abnormal blood pressure, and those who sweat from the shower should not use it.
-Recent brain or facial trauma-do not use.
-Skin abrasions at the application site of the electrode on the forehead-not used.
-Do not use while driving.