The rechargeable electric toothbrush produces 40,000 marks per minute, which effectively dissolves the deep tooth dirt. The cleaning effect is 10 times higher than manual toothbrushes and 3 times higher than ordinary electric toothbrushes. Whiten teeth in 7 days, healthy teeth in 14 days.
The world leader in quality and materials science. Each brush head can last for 3 months, so it takes a total of 8 years to exceed 2 years. Definitely an ideal choice for everyone!
Adult rechargeable electric toothbrush supports 5 modes: whitening, cleaning, sensitive, polishing and massage. The whitening mode is achieved by reversing the frequency of dissolving surface stains. The massage mode can provide smooth microbursts to the tissues to improve blood circulation and gum health.
The perfect travel companion-only 4 hours of full charge (2 minutes a day x 2 times a day), you can use it for 30 days.