Preparations before use:
1. Preparations before using it for the first time
Make sure the use of accessories is well explained according to this instruction. There is a lithium battery in this instrument. You must charge the battery before using it. If the battery no longer needs to be charged, the screen will show you this information.
2. Cautions when charging
To protect the lithium battery, please use the original power adapter to charge. When the battery is low, this instrument will sound the alarm twice and its display will show the low battery information. Turn off this instrument and change to another battery or charge the battery. (If the instrument is not turned off in time, it will turn off in 10 seconds.)

Product Features: Promote the circulation ofhuman blood, regulate bkood, balance yin and yang, dredge meridians, strengthen physical fitness, delay aging, andprolongillness.

Product taboo:
1) Cancer, patients with bleeding disorders, and pregnant women are disabled;
2) Acute myocardial infarction, cerebrovascularaccident, bleeding tendency,
3) When using . Never direct the eye area;
4) When using, never use together with the following electronic devices; a) Implantable medical electronic devices such as cardiac pacemakers; b) medical electronic equipment such as artificial heart for life support c) Installed medical electronic devices such as electrocardiographs.