0.5s fast reading & high precision sensor
The non-contact thermometer reading temperature is within 0.5s, easy and fast to use, equipped with high-precision sensor, to ensure the measurement accuracy, measurement deviation ≤±0.2℃ (±0.4°F)
No contact 2-4 inch range detection
The thermometer can be operated independently without human assistance ,a reading is taken as soon as an individual’s forehead is detected within 2-4 inches of the thermometer’s sensor, without physical contact with health care workers and equipment to maintain a safe social distance,to helps avoid cross-infections among testers as well as eliminates the need of a healthcare worker.
Abnormal temperature alarm
When the human body temperature is 37.4℃(99.3°F)-42..9℃(100.2 °F), the yellow light flashes and alarms “”Di Di””.
The green light will indicate that the temperature is within the normal range 32℃-37.3℃(89.6°F-99.1 °F)
Switch between ℃ and ℉
There is a mode switch button on the side of the forehead infrared thermometer. Press the mode button to switch the temperature display in Celsius(display C)or Fahrenheit(Display F)
Multiple installation methods
This wall-mounted infrared thermometer includes 4 Double-Sided Adhesive Strips and 2 Fixing Screws, you can fix it on the wall by screws, or you can use the attached Double-Sided Adhesive Strips to paste it where you want. If you have a tripod, you can also set it up. In short, you can fix this thermometer anywhere in various ways.