Do you need to be afraid of your baby’s temperature when they fall asleep?

It is this infrared thermometer that can prevent you from having family troubles in the middle of the night.

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It uses the latest infrared technology to obtain accurate temperature readings without physical contact.

This makes it a very hygienic tool for obtaining forehead temperature readings and an essential tool for every household.

Built-in functions increase convenience

apart from

The forehead thermometer does not touch the skin. This forehead thermometer also has a fever alarm and memory function, which is very convenient.

The fever alarm will flash orange backlight and emit 3 beeps to warn you of fever temperature (above 99.3°F)

; The fever alarm will flash red backlight and emit 5 beeps to warn you of fever temperature (above 100.4°F),

The memory function can store up to 35 readings and use them for future reference.

It is a convenient tool to carry around, very suitable for home or hospital use.

Why do you like this digital thermometer

Value for money
Create absolute convenience
Hygiene and professional grade
Fast and accurate measurement

Enjoy the convenience of today’s digital thermometers.

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